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About the Artists

acceptance of sorrow

Milo Fine, Joseph Damman

Duration 72.42 | Released March 2020

milo fine: drum set (percussion), bösendorfer imperial piano, b flat clarinet, marimba

joseph damman: amplified acoustic guitar


recorded in concert by milo fine at studio toile d'angles (minneapolis, minnesota) september 9, 2018

all music presented as played


About the Artists

2020 marks Milo Fine's 51st year working exclusively in the field of free jazz/improvised music. More to the point (and co-opting bassist/composer Kent Carter’s autobiographical liner note to the 1966 LP JAZZ REALITIES), he states: “I was born January 22, 1952 (Minneapolis, Minnesota), and am not yet dead.”

photo by John Whiting


Picture of Milo Fine

Joseph Damman (b. 1985) resides in Minneapolis, MN. His obsession with free improvisation began in 2006, and, since then, he has improvised with local musicians in countless configurations. Additionally, he led the Malian music-influenced Body Omara with Tom Reichert and Davu Seru which featured his compositions. 2006 also marked Joseph's first encounter with Milo Fine at the then yearly Heliotrope Music Festival. They began their ongoing collaborations in 2011.

Picture of Joseph Damman